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Frendie PRO
is a pioneer's
step towards preventing loneliness.


Prevent, promote, measure,

Frendie PRO is not just an ordinary employee benefit. It brings you a new way to promote, measure and report the social well-being of your organization. See how connections in the community are strengthened, loneliness recedes and well-being is positively reflected in to the work.

Test what Frendie PRO is all about.


Why invest in social well-being?

The latest studies reveal that one in four experiences loneliness in the workplace - Frendie PRO is designed to solve this exact challenge.


Loneliness in the work environment can lead to negative effects, such as reduced job satisfaction, reduced productivity and increased stress levels. In addition, it can affect the employees' mental well-being, which may also be reflected in the organization's social atmosphere and teamwork.

We are the pioneers of ESG & CSRD reporting.

Frendie PRO offers a solution for the automation of statutory responsibility reporting and improves the monitoring of corporate social responsibility. ​

Acts of social responsibility and reporting will soon be mandatory. Organizations need better tools for measuring social well-being. Would you like to receive a ready-made report on your company's social responsibility data - easily, on a turnkey basis? Activate Frendie PRO and let us do the work for you!

Friends Portrait

 of the respondents believe that Frendie could help fight loneliness and
find new friends

Among the reasons that led to the experience of loneliness at the workplace, e.g. being an outsider.



of the respondents hopes that the workplace would offer help to loneliness due to remote work.



of the respondents says that the issue doesn't come up at work. Only 7% of the respondents say that help for loneliness is available at the workplace.



those who have experienced symptoms due to loneliness have sought or are planning to seek health care due to the symptoms.

Support & value for employees.

Frendie PRO is not just an app – it's a versatile tool that brings value to staff at many different levels


Frendie PRO strengthens the sense of community within the organization. With it, you provide your employees with a virtual platform that enables employees to network regardless of their location, team and job duties. With it, you integrate new employees and provide hybrid workers with a platform for meeting colleagues and forming friendships.

"It's really important to us that we can promote the well-being of Finns through our responsibility work, and that's exactly what Frendie is all about."

Marja Aho
Responsibility manager, Alko Oy

Our customers trust us

We develop the service together with users. The most effective service is created through cooperation. We are dedicated to the continuous development of our services.

 Alko Oy

Alko is a long-term partner of Frendie. Frendie awarded Alko with a certificate for social well-being and preventive loneliness work. Alko's goal is to make loneliness visible and to prevent alcohol harm caused by loneliness.


Loneliness can weaken the well-being at workplace very significantly, and that is why Barona wants to support the formation of employees' social networks. Frendie app has been introduced to all employees. Barona is Finland's 8th largest employer, with more than 12,500 employees in 2022.

Pukkilan kunta

The municipality of Pukkila is introducing its own Frendie PRO app to bring more togetherness and social well-being to the everyday life of its citizens. With the help of the application, the municipality wants to facilitate the connection of residents, employees and different age groups with the help of modern technology.

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