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Frendie PRO Academy

We want using Frendie PRO service to be easy and secure for everyone. We have developed the Frendie PRO Academy, where Frendie PRO users can familiarize themselves with the smooth, safe, and easy use of the service before actually starting to use it.

In the PRO Academy, you can calmly explore the features and possibilities of Frendie PRO and learn more about the significance of social well-being and loneliness prevention for individuals and society

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Frendie's safety

Through the PRO Academy, we ensure that every user of the Frendie PRO app is acquainted with the principles of safe and respectful conversation within the application and agrees to the collectively agreed guidelines and rules.

Explore the guidelines in the Academy before starting to use Frendie PRO. Together, we create a respectful and safe meeting place.

Laun​ching now!

We know that studying involves many exciting moments, but also challenges, especially for new students. That's why we're starting a collaboration between Xamk and Frendie! The partnership kicks off with a launch and service introduction in January 2024.

What to expect:

🚀 Friendship: Xamk Frendie PRO makes it easy and fun to find new friends.

🚀 Social well-being: Our goal is to reduce loneliness and promote a positive study experience for everyone.

🚀 Easing the start of studies: Especially new students receive additional support at the beginning of their studies.

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Launch in progress in January 2024.

Campus Tour 🚀

January 9-10, 2024, from 12 PM to 3 PM, live and online🚀

Join us on January 9-10 in Kotka, Mikkeli, Kouvola, and Savonlinna! The Frendie PRO team will be present to introduce Xamk Frendie PRO and share insights into the deeper meaning of our collaboration.

We are collecting last-minute wishes and feedback from students for the Xamk app

PRO akatemia🚀

Test the prototype: Try the Xamk PRO prototype at the PRO Academy. Get a firsthand experience of the upcoming features and have an impact on the development.

Explore the shared guidelines in the PRO Academy before implementing the use of the app 🚀

Let's create a safe environment together in the Xamk Frendie PRO app! Learn the principles of safe conversation in the Frendie PRO Academy. In January, you will receive the keys to the Xamk Frendie PRO app

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Digital friendship

Frendie is an app available for download from app stores, allowing adults to find suitable companions and friends based on shared values.

The service offers a paid Pro version designed for organizations, municipalities, and workplaces, as well as an accessible - free - basic version for general use

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Loneliness can be described as a continuous, recurring, and prolonged experience. It differs from the occasional feeling of loneliness that is familiar to everyone.

Everyone experiences loneliness at some point in their lives. It can be caused by life changes, such as moving, changes in work or studies, a breakup, or the loss of a loved one.

On the other hand, being alone refers to choosing to spend time by oneself. Living alone does not automatically mean experiencing loneliness.

Can loneliness be prevented?

The prevention of loneliness is often perceived as challenging. Frendie emphasizes highlighting the importance of loneliness prevention and the promotion of social well-being at a societal level. Everyday loneliness is all too often associated with shame, and this shame can lead to denying or downplaying loneliness. Frendie's societal mission is to eliminate the stigma surrounding loneliness.

Anyone can experience loneliness

False perceptions about loneliness include the idea that it always stems from inadequate social skills or is related to one's societal status. Anyone can experience loneliness.

In Finland, an average of 30 percent of people experience loneliness. It is even more prevalent among young adults and seniors. Hundreds of thousands of people in Finland experience loneliness.

The impact of loneliness on an individual

The experience of loneliness can be so central that it begins to comprehensively define the way a lonely individual exists, thinks about themselves, and relates to others. For someone experiencing loneliness, an identity as a lonely person may develop.

However, loneliness is just one emotion among many. It is not the same as the person themselves. (Source)

Solutions can also be found for loneliness. One scientifically proven solution that reduces loneliness and promotes social well-being in society is the Frendie Friend App.

Frendie PRO

Our PRO service is specifically designed to meet the needs of educational institutions, organizations, and communities.

This premium service includes additional features that help maintain and strengthen community spirit in the era of remote and digital interactions. We offer workplaces, unions, organizations, and municipalities the opportunity to bring people closer together and build a stronger sense of community.


Participate in virtual coffee break discussions with your workplace/school visitors and initiate conversations in the feed about interesting topics of the day


You can choose an Activity Frame, such as 'Looking for a workout buddy,' 'Lunch companion,' or 'Cultural buddy.' This makes it easier to share and engage in daily activities together, both at work and during leisure time.


Share your mood of the day and help your community identify how the atmosphere, activities, and actions could be improved



Active engagement

Feeling of the day


Advanced technology

Find friends with broader search options and discover like-minded connections.



You'll receive usage suggestions in the app's inbox. You can also see in the feed what kind of discussions your colleagues are starting. The service evolves every month, and we release new features all the time.

Download for free from your app store

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Download the Frendie app

  1. Create an account using your email address and a chosen password. Confirm the account by clicking the confirmation link sent to your email.

  2. Fill in your profile's basic information, such as a username, age, location, interests, and a short introduction. Add a profile picture. You can update and complete your profile later.

  3. Log in to the Frendies using the created credentials (email and password).

  4. Use the 'Frendie' section to browse other profiles. The match percentage shows your compatibility with other users. The clock symbol indicates a pending friend request, and the star symbol appears when the friendship is confirmed.

With these instructions, you embark on a successful journey into the world of friendship in the Frendie app! Please note that to access the FRENDIE PRO platform, you can log in with the code you've received from your community.

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Download the Frendie app

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Find Friends



Hi, it looks like we share some interests. Would you be interested in going mushroom picking after work?"

"Hello, it seems we study at the same campus. Would you be interested in studying together or perhaps going for a run after lectures?



You'll also receive friend requests; you can first explore the sender's profile and then respond to the invitation. After establishing a connection, the conversation moves to chat (private conversation), and it won't be visible to others.



Familiarize yourself with our principles of Safe Encounter and Conversation.

We do not tolerate any disruptive behavior on Kaverisovellus. Please report to us promptly if you encounter misconduct or receive inappropriate friend requests. Report here.

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Frendie haku


Katso video opiskelija Anniina Malmin kokemuksia palvelustamme. Anniina oli palvelun käytön aikaan korkeakouluopiskelija Tampereella.


The PRO version of the Kaverisovellus is a paid version of the app.

Users of the Frendie can choose whether they want to be visible to all platform users or only to the members of their own PRO Kaverisovellus community.

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